Beanbag Billiards Plus™ – The Ultimate 33-in-One Tossing Game Launching on KickStarter July 1st

Beanbag Billiards Plus™ - The Ultimate 33-in-One Tossing Game Launching on KickStarter July 1st

A new player to the family game industry is tossing its “magic” hat into the ring with a new crowdfunding campaign launching on KickStarter July 1st.

Beanbag Billiards Plus™ is a self-contained, multi-functional game featuring over 33 different options to choose from. It’s also portable and incredibly versatile. It’s ideal for playing in the living room on a rainy day, at the beach or park with friends, tailgating with your buddies, or even camping with your kids. Beanbag Billiards Plus™ brings traditional bean bag toss and corn hole games to the next gen and offers hours of entertainment for everyone in the family.

The brainchild of world-renowned magician and entertainer Chef Anton, Beanbag Billiards Plus™ was developed out of a love of playing and having fun with family. Anton first came up with the idea after realizing that most of the games that were currently on the market were either too complicated for multi-age players or restrictive of when and where they could be played. He recognized the need for a unique, interactive game that everyone could enjoy. He also knew it needed to be easily transportable, durable, expandable and, of course, lots of fun.

Through a series of prototypes and countless trials, the concept of Beanbag Billiards Plus™ was finally born. With a combination of magic and pool ball wizardry, this game product is unlike anything else on the market. In fact, it’s being labeled as more than a game, but rather an experience in and of itself. It’s fun and entertaining, but also educational. Most importantly, it brings people together, regardless of age. From basic learning games for toddlers to drinking games for the adults, this system has it all.

The final product is compact and easy to carry and transport, with interlocking, adjustable legs; interchangeable game templates; and a built-in storage compartment. It can be used indoors and out, and can even be transformed into a refreshment stand when not in use for the perfect family picnic. There are currently 33 different games included, so adults can enjoy billiards, chess, golf, and poker while the kids enjoy tic tac toe, match maker, and deep sea diving. It’s also expandable, there are even new games coming out this Fall such as Corn Cube and Mixology Mischief which can be easily integrated with the existing game console.

Beanbag Billiards Plus™ is launching its crowdfunding campaign through Kickstarter beginning on July 1st. Those interested in funding the campaign can do so at a minimum investment of $149. If the campaign goal is reached, those who donate can receive cool perks such as an autographed photo, a limited edition United States Trick Shot Championship commemorative poster, Family Style Cookbook, Chef Anton Live at The Magic Castle, Pool Hustler’s Handbook and DVD, and, of course, a complete Beanbag Billiards Plus™ gaming system. Production is set to begin in October with the final product scheduled to ship out to customers on December 1, 2015 so you can receive it in time for the holidays.

This Kickstarter campaign is fun and unique like other successful product launches, including the Coolest Cooler and Exploding Kittens card game. In fact, the Beanbag Billiards Plus™ game system will make for the perfect companion to both of these products.

Prior to the Beanbag Billiards Plus™ Kickstarter campaign officially launching, interested parties can pre-register by signing up to be on the product’s waiting list. Want to get your Beanbag Billiard Plus™ at 70% off retail? Here is the inside scoop… Those who pre-register on our site at will receive an “exclusive announcement” a day or two before the campaign begins at the exact time the campaign will go live on July 1st. Since the 70% deal is only offered for the first 50 people, this will give you a leg up on the competition. Don’t worry… if you sleep that morning, you are still guaranteed to pay no more than 55% off retail during the duration of this Summer long campaign.


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